Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TheRejoicingChessmen Take Gold

Congratulations to TheRejoicingChessmen, CNoble, Kballoloco,CactusJr, Krimi, and LordTyraad on a job well done!

 TheRejoicingChessmen are champions of the Steinitz section with 5 Match points and 16 game points! Great job, guys!

 Now for overall player performances:
 100% or 3/3 Professorzz
 83% or 5/6 Breloczek, Capris, and Timisrejoicing
 75% or 4.5/6 Gorgonian and Introspection
 71% or 5/7 Kballoloco
 70% or 3.5/5 Krimi
 64% or 4.5/7 CNoble
 58% or 3.5/6 Tharderer and BethanyGrace
 50% or 3/6 CharityJoy
 33% or 2/6 RoyRogersC and Silencehunter
 29% or 2/7 CactusJr
 20% or 1/5 LordTyraad
 17% or 1/6 Bowserjrzhu

 Congrats to our top performing players, and I hope everyone will stay with TheRejoicingTeam for T52. TheRejoicingChessmen have showed us the way to gold; in T52 I hope to see more of our teams follow suite and all of our players increase their performance ratings.

 Best wishes and Good chess!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

T51 Concludes: TheRejoicingChessmen go on to the playoffs

T51 concludes with TheRejoicingBishops in 3rd in the Capablanca section, TheRejoicingMightyPawns in 3rd and TheRejoicingVaqueros in 4th in the Lasker section.  TheRejoicingChessmen are in 2nd going on to the playoffs in the Steinitz section.

Top scoring players for T51 will be announced after the playoffs.

Some of the best of our games this season our posted below.  Great job guys (and gals)!  Keep up the good work!

Tharderer-Gorgonian-Introspection-CharityJoy- (littlesparrows)
Team Average: 1538.25
4 match points, 15.5 game points

A warm welcome to Introspection!  We were delighted to have him join the Rejoicing Team for T51!
Two of Introspection's great games:

 Both Gorgonian and Introspection finished with 4.5 out of 6.  Here are two of Gorgonian's wins

A nicely done game by CharityJoy:

An awesome checkmate by Tharderer with over half the pieces still on the board:

Tharderer really had his team-mates worried here, but he came through with a nice victory:

TheMightyPawns just barely missed the playoffs which was a bit disappointing, but came in a close 3rd (with actually more game points than the 2nd place team).  Performance Rating: Awesome!  You guys had  no forfeits and great team-work.

Team Average: 1582.25
Match Points: 3.5  Game points: 13.5

We were very glad to have professorzz join us!  Welcome to TheRejoicingTeam, professor!

Team Average:
Match Points: 2.5 Game points: 13

Welcome to Breloczek, Capris, and bowserjrzhu!  TheRejoicingBishops was made up of 75% new Rejoicing players, and of course our old speedy reliable, RoyRogersC.  They were are highest rated team and finished 3rd in their section--a very good result for new players which portends destruction for their future opponents and great things for them in Team League!

This game by Capris is a beauty:

Breloczek did an amazing job, not losing a single game.  Here's a nice endgame against pchesso:

A nice (and quick) endgame by Roy:

Finally... *drum-roll*
Match points: 4 Game points: 13
Team Average: 1636
TheRejoicingChessmen (obviously) had some great play.

Here's a game by CactusJr, who last season was 3rd in top-player honors (I can't wait till after the playoffs to calculate the honors for this season!)

Below is kballoloco's victory against twotowers (both his and my captain @ AllGoodPeople).  Congratulations also to kballoloco for going on to the playoffs with not just one, but both of his teams, TheRejoicingChessmen and AllGoodPeople_B!  You're certainly an asset for any team.

This game by CNoble was a pleasure to watch:

And...LordTyraad filled board 4 for two rounds and scored a nice win.

last but not least... an effecient victory by Krimi:

Keep up the great work!!  I believe our teams have improved very much over the past 2 or 3 seasons, and we can only believe T52 will be even better.  But for now, let's cheer for TheRejoicingChessmen as they go on to the playoffs.  Go team!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


This post is to test the new format for The Rejoicing Team blog.  You can expect new updates soon.  Stay tuned!