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Rejoicing Team Meeting Log 9/22/13

The Rejoicing Team Meeting held on September 22, 2013 at 1200 server time was attended by 9 people: araszek, BethanyGrace, brainp, Gorgonian, Introspection, kballoloco, rsekhar, timisrejoicing, and thekingofham.   

The meeting's agenda was: 
  • The final round and playoff chances
TheRejoicingCowboys and TheRejoicingTacticians were gauranteed to make it to the playoffs.  TheRejoicingTeam_RedoubtableMachinations could make it if dstrout or DesertBroncos' players timisrejoicing or greatking won or drew one of their games, and TheRejoicingKnights could make it if between CNoble and RoyRogersC the team collected a win and a draw.  Resolve was made that teammates would do their best to observe these crucial, final games and support their teammates.

  • A between seasons intra-team tournament
 An intra-team tournament was discussed.  The tournament would start on Tuesday October 1st and last 3 rounds, ending on October 22nd, the start of T56.  A quad-style tournament is most likely, though Swiss would be resorted to if there was not a good number of players for the tournament.  Various teammates said they would like for there to be such a tournament, although others said they would prefer a rest between seasons.  It was resolved that the tournament would be held for anyone who would like to participate (RejoicingTeam members and a few special guests).
  • Study/Lecture Sessions
On rsekhar's suggestion and subsequent interest of some teammates, it was decided that lectures/study sessions would be held during the off-season to help the team improve.

The log of the meeting is posted below (due to variable settings, some of the messages may be repeated in the log which were not actually repeated, sorry for the inconvenience):

[13:55]timisrejoicing: hi bethany
[13:56]BethanyGrace: Hi
[13:57]BethanyGrace: 2 minutes 30 seconds till the meeting starts  
[13:57]rsekhar: hi
[13:58]BethanyGrace: Hi rsekhar
[13:58]rsekhar: hi bethany
[14:00]BethanyGrace: Glad you all could make it to the team meeting
[14:00]BethanyGrace: First on the agenda is the final round and playoffs
[14:00]BethanyGrace: The Cowboys and RejoicingTacticians are basically gauranteed to make it
[14:01]BethanyGrace: TheRejoicingKnights make it if they win this round which means CNoble and Roy would have to get a win and a draw between them
[14:01]araszek: Hello for all Rejoicing people
[14:01]thekingofham: It s thekingofham s fault(The cowboys).
[14:01]BethanyGrace: Hi Chris
[14:01]BethanyGrace: yes, kingofham you have been doing great
[14:02]thekingofham: Thank you.
[14:02]BethanyGrace: TRT_RedoubtableMachinations makes it if dstrout or TheDesertBronco's greatking win or draw
[14:02]thekingofham: What does  dstrout  mean?
[14:02]BethanyGrace: For TheRejoicingSaints, RejoicingFishersofMen and RejoicingTeamGenesis this is the final round, so we need to finish strong
[14:03]BethanyGrace: dstrout is the last player to play on that team
[14:03]BethanyGrace: tomorrow at 1900
[14:03]timisrejoicing: sounds like you put together some good teams
[14:03]thekingofham: Oh, I thought dstrout was a word, not a player.
[14:03]BethanyGrace: ok
[14:03]BethanyGrace: well, with good players like you all it would be hard to put together bad teams
[14:04]timisrejoicing: with my record at least no i thinks i cheet
[14:04]BethanyGrace: lol
[14:04]timisrejoicing: one
[14:05]BethanyGrace: on the last deciding games it would be good if we have plenty of support to encourage the players to do their best
[14:05]BethanyGrace: (in whispers  and before the game)
[14:05]timisrejoicing: do you know the times for the big games
[14:07]BethanyGrace: Dstrout is Monday 1900, greatking is Monday 1600, Roy is Monday 0500
[14:07]BethanyGrace: Cnoble is Monday0900
[14:07]timisrejoicing: thanks
[14:07]rsekhar: ok
[14:07]thekingofham: What about the possible side effects?
[14:08]BethanyGrace: of losing?
[14:08]thekingofham: No, the  encouragement . What if the players don t like it and find it distracting?
[14:08]BethanyGrace: oh, don't talk to them during their games
[14:08]BethanyGrace: just say something like "crush your enemies" before the game
[14:08]BethanyGrace: and then use whispers
[14:08]thekingofham: Oh.
[14:08]BethanyGrace: so they can read it afterward
[14:09]BethanyGrace: otherwise they might find it distracting and it could have the opposite effect
[14:09]thekingofham: Right, that s what I was worried about.
[14:09]timisrejoicing: you are the king of ham?  where is ham?
[14:10]thekingofham: Ham s my loyal subjects...
[14:10]BethanyGrace: oh, sorry about your game brainp
[14:10]BethanyGrace: Any further comments on this topic (playoffs), or shall we go on the next topic?
[14:12]timisrejoicing: i will plan to watch your game tomorrow, ham
[14:12]thekingofham: Why do you do this to me...
[14:12]thekingofham: I don t know what to call you.
[14:12]timisrejoicing: just call me for supper
[14:13]BethanyGrace: lol
[14:13]timisrejoicing: I will be good
[14:13]thekingofham: I hate it when people watch me play.
[14:13]timisrejoicing: oh sure
[14:14]thekingofham: There s always the risk of losing.
[14:14]timisrejoicing: i have had lots of practice
[14:14]BethanyGrace: true, there's the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat...I think all chess players learn how to be good losers
[14:15]brainp: hello
[14:15]BethanyGrace: Hi Brian
[14:15]thekingofham: Kasparov was horible at losing ):
[14:15]Introspection: greetings, Rejoicing people!
[14:16]BethanyGrace: Hi Introspection!
[14:16]Introspection: Hi sorry I'm late almost forgot
[14:16]timisrejoicing: Hello intro
[14:16]thekingofham: He hated losing so much, he used to give Radjabov compliments
[14:16]thekingofham: Now it s  Radjabov sucks  in Russian or something.
[14:17]thekingofham: *when he lost to radjabov*
[14:17]araszek: Hi Introspection
[14:17]brainp: Is anybody here?
[14:17]kballoloco: hi all
[14:17]Introspection: Nobody but us chickens...
[14:17]timisrejoicing: your profile says you are from africa.  where may i ask?
[14:17]thekingofham: Okay Bethany, you were saying?
[14:17]BethanyGrace: Hi Daniel
[14:18]brainp: ok
[14:18]BethanyGrace: can you hear now brainp?
[14:18]brainp: now it's working
[14:18]BethanyGrace: ok good
[14:18]brainp: I missed it
[14:18]thekingofham: Oh right, I m from East Africa.
[14:18]timisrejoicing: hi brain
[14:18]brainp: Hi
[14:18]BethanyGrace: It appears we're done talking about the playoffs so the next topic is the offseason
[14:18]brainp: good topic
[14:19]BethanyGrace: T56 starts on October 22nd, so in the mean time we have time for a 3 round intra-team tournament if any one is interested
[14:19]BethanyGrace: I was thinking a quad style tournament might be good, but I'm open to suggestions
[14:19]Introspection: I better sit this one out I think
[14:19]BethanyGrace: ok
[14:19]BethanyGrace: ok
[14:19]BethanyGrace: If everyone is tired and wants a break, we can call the idea off; but I thought I'd mention it just in case
[14:20]brainp: sounds a good idea
[14:20]thekingofham: Is the T56 a new tournament?
[14:20]kballoloco: i am in mood
[14:20]BethanyGrace: yes T56 is the next tournament
[14:20]BethanyGrace: ok Daniel, excellent
[14:21]brainp: at this point I'm not sure if I'll be playing T56 at all
[14:21]brainp: I'm in too
[14:21]araszek: I probably also can play
[14:21]BethanyGrace: ok sounds good!
[14:21]BethanyGrace: I'll create a sign-up sheet at our forum and message everyone to sign up as soon as this round is over then
[14:21]BethanyGrace: (anyone who is up to it that is)
[14:22]brainp: ok
[14:22]kballoloco: ok
[14:22]BethanyGrace: Depending on the number of players it can be quads or Swiss
[14:22]thekingofham: What s an  intra-team tournament ?
[14:22]brainp: can other players sign in too?
[14:22]brainp: guests I meant
[14:23]BethanyGrace: @thekingofham a tournament between teammates
[14:23]brainp: a tournament within the RT
[14:23]BethanyGrace: @brainp yep, special friends are welcome
[14:23]brainp: ok
[14:23]BethanyGrace: Knoecken won the last intrateam tournament; I was slightly suprised, but he is good!
[14:24]BethanyGrace: I think TL is helping all of us improve (though my rating needs a little work
[14:24]kballoloco: yes hi is
[14:24]kballoloco: i am overrrated
[14:25]brainp: rating doesn't matter in long games sometimes
[14:25]brainp: me too
[14:25]brainp: I think I'm around 1500s
[14:25]BethanyGrace: I think concentration is very important...a player rated 1800 who is not concentrating may be weaker than a 1600er who is concentrating
[14:25]BethanyGrace: so performance varies
[14:25]brainp: yes!
[14:26]brainp: so it means we can invite weak players?
[14:26]araszek: yes, and concetration should be kept by whole game
[14:26]BethanyGrace: right araszek
[14:26]kballoloco: i think must be anotrher  category for long games
[14:26]BethanyGrace: brainp, I don't quite understand your question
[14:26]brainp: @araszek it is hard
[14:27]brainp: I meant for guests
[14:27]brainp: special friend
[14:27]brainp: *friends
[14:27]BethanyGrace: @kballoloco I think that may be one reason why the Team League performance rating was developed...because people try harder in TL games then standard 15 0s --plus have more time to think
[14:28]araszek: I know. I read an article where this subject was discussed and I didn't understand this problem because most of my 'long' games finished before 1.5 hour
[14:28]BethanyGrace: @ brainp you'd be welcome to play in the tourney, mostly we want only current or former TL players or people interested in joining the team
[14:29]BethanyGrace: it seems some people play their "long games" faster and some a lot slower than others
[14:29]brainp: I see
[14:29]BethanyGrace: I think I have seen one TL game finished less than an hour from the start of the first round of a season!
[14:29]thekingofham: I m very bad at concentration.
[14:29]BethanyGrace: It is a challenge for all of us
[14:29]thekingofham: I play based on knowledge, I m a horrible thinker...
[14:30]BethanyGrace: Speaking of improvement, our final topic for this meeting is lectures and study time suggested by rsekhar
[14:30]brainp: that's a great idea actually
[14:30]rsekhar: yeah
[14:30]BethanyGrace: Would any of you be interested in getting together for study sessions? some just group efforts and others lectures on a certain aspect of the game by our higher rated players
[14:31]brainp: @theking we all think while we play, sometimes more sometimes less, the idea is that we get a position we like so we can think deeper
[14:31]thekingofham: Together?
[14:31]thekingofham: We all ahte each other.
[14:31]thekingofham: hate*
[14:32]BethanyGrace: bahh
[14:32]BethanyGrace: lol
[14:32]kballoloco: all improve effort is wellcome
[14:32]brainp: yes, I'm in for the idea of study sessions
[14:32]thekingofham: They can t get along with me and I can t get along with them.
[14:32]BethanyGrace: what is generally the best time/days for all of you?
[14:32]thekingofham: I can t get along with Sicilian players, and they can t get along with caro-kann players.
[14:33]araszek: what 'study session' means?
[14:33]BethanyGrace: several players online together to study various aspects of the game--say the Philidor Defense
[14:33]BethanyGrace: or an opening
[14:34]araszek: ok - I see
[14:34]rsekhar: bethany i think you mean philidor's position
[14:34]BethanyGrace: oh right
[14:34]araszek: Its not my level yet
[14:34]thekingofham: No, she mean s the Phildor s Defence...
[14:34]BethanyGrace: well it's Philidor's something or other
[14:35]thekingofham: It s a valid opening not too commonly played. Might be worth getting some practice versus.
[14:35]rsekhar: philidor's defense is a terrible defense
[14:35]BethanyGrace: oh my
[14:35]thekingofham: That s not the point.
[14:35]BethanyGrace: I mean the endgame
[14:35]Gorgonian: to be clear, there are multiple "philidor positions"
[14:35]rsekhar: do you see her "or an opening"??
[14:35]thekingofham: The point, a great player can screw us over with that opening
[14:35]rsekhar: okk
[14:35]BethanyGrace: whatever
[14:35]thekingofham: So it s worth studying in that respect.
[14:35]thekingofham: You can never be too careful..
[14:35]Gorgonian: for instance, the most widely known is the KP ending, but there is a philidor position in QvR endings
[14:36]rsekhar: great player can beat you with any opening lol
[14:36]BethanyGrace: really?  I don't think of run accross it yet Gorgo
[14:36]BethanyGrace: should look it up
[14:36]Gorgonian: to be clear, there are multiple "philidor positions"
[14:37]Gorgonian: ugh
[14:37]Gorgonian: yeah, it's extremely valuable to know.  with the Q in that ending, you are trying to acheive the philidor position, from which mate is easy.  with the R you are trying to avoid it.
[14:37]Gorgonian: if the player with the R doesn't know to avoid that position, it is much easier to mate them
[14:37]brainp: well talking about the time. I think weekends work for me better
[14:37]BethanyGrace: that would be a good ending to study
[14:37]Gorgonian: sorry for the derail
[14:38]thekingofham: Oh, right.  Endgame study sessions  means my interest goes way down ):
[14:38]BethanyGrace: still endgames are one of the most important aspects of chess
[14:38]thekingofham: It s too much work.
[14:38]BethanyGrace: working together is fun
[14:39]rsekhar: everyone must know basic endgames
[14:39]BethanyGrace: agreed
[14:39]thekingofham: Yeah, that s the problem
[14:39]rsekhar: otherwise you hesitate to simply to a winning or drawing endgame
[14:39]BethanyGrace: Do weekends work well for the rest of you?
[14:39]thekingofham: Some people s definition of basic is way different from mine
[14:39]rsekhar: yes
[14:39]thekingofham: For instance, I think the KBN vs K endgame is far from basic
[14:39]thekingofham: but some people do...
[14:40]rsekhar: you need not learn KBN
[14:40]BethanyGrace: I have to agree with you that that ending is complicated and rare
[14:40]BethanyGrace: have heard it comes once in a lifetime
[14:40]thekingofham: Only happens every 5000 games or so.
[14:40]thekingofham: Hopefully I want to get the point where everyone thinks I study endgames before 5000 games.
[14:41]kballoloco: still is usufull to study
[14:41]thekingofham: See?
[14:41]BethanyGrace: araszek, kballoloco, Gorgo, Intro are weekends good for you? (if you're interested in joining for the study/improvement sessions?
[14:41]thekingofham: We re gonna keep disagreeing on this, I d rather not be a part of it.
[14:41]BethanyGrace: ham, maybe then just join in the opening and mid-game studies
[14:41]Gorgonian: dont factor me in here, im too unreliable in the fall.  busy time of the year
[14:41]brainp: any lecture is good if you like chess
[14:42]brainp: imho
[14:42]BethanyGrace: ok Gorgo
[14:42]araszek: I'm used to learn individually, but I read that analysing games with stronger player may give new ideas and will be source of improvement
[14:42]thekingofham: I guess we have different definitions of chess.
[14:42]araszek: if this kind of 'study' will be possible that I can join
[14:43]araszek: and I can offer my analysing also for other players (if any wants   )
[14:43]kballoloco: week ends are ok
[14:43]brainp: @araszek it would be great
[14:43]BethanyGrace: ok, awesome   yes, that is what we have in mind
[14:44]BethanyGrace: are weekends good for you in general araszek?
[14:44]thekingofham:  BethanyGrace: ham, maybe then just join in the opening and mid-game studies      Yes, that would be perfect for me.
[14:44]BethanyGrace: ok, good
[14:45]araszek: yes, in general. But I'm FICS + 9, so it may be a problem to meet online
[14:45]araszek: ahhh - at weekends will be easier
[14:45]thekingofham: But what openings/middlegame studies are there, anyway?
[14:45]BethanyGrace: studies on the individual openings and *Tactics*!!
[14:46]thekingofham: But where?
[14:46]BethanyGrace: so is about this time of day good for you araszek?
[14:46]araszek: yes, its good
[14:46]araszek: but I think that studies at tactics is lost of time
[14:47]araszek: it should be done by making many of exercises
[14:47]araszek: instead of common studies
[14:47]thekingofham: Yes, I think studying tactics is a waste of time too.
[14:47]BethanyGrace: true, exercises are probably the best way to study tactics (i.e. puzzles)
[14:47]BethanyGrace: but it's not a waste of time
[14:47]thekingofham: But that s just because I hate tactics, and I m not a very good calculator.
[14:48]BethanyGrace: A few years ago I met Susan Polgar and she told me the two things I needed to study if I wanted to improve at my level are endgames and tactics
[14:48]araszek: yes, I agree
[14:48]thekingofham: You met Susan Polgar?
[14:48]BethanyGrace: I studied a lot of endgames after that and my USCF rating went up about 200 points
[14:48]rsekhar: I agree too
[14:48]BethanyGrace: @kingofham yep, I took classes from her and her husband for a week
[14:48]araszek: but not by studying
[14:48]thekingofham: What do you mean, araszek?
[14:48]thekingofham: What s your secret?
[14:49]araszek: endgames yes, tactics no (in my opinion)
[14:49]araszek: its not my secret - I read one of Dan Heismann article
[14:49]thekingofham: Dan Heisman? That guy?
[14:49]araszek: that tactics should be practised at basic level
[14:49]thekingofham: Bleh.
[14:49]araszek: many and many to recognize 'at one shot'
[14:49]araszek: and it is very useful for me
[14:50]araszek: @thekingofham Do you know him?
[14:50]BethanyGrace: I have read about how many tactic's puzzles some of the best players do every day and it is amazing
[14:51]thekingofham: Who, Heisman?
[14:51]araszek: yes
[14:51]thekingofham: Idk. I m not so sure the ability to calculate is that necessary a skill.
[14:51]brainp: @BG yes, it is very helpful, my vision of the board improved since I do them on a daily basis
[14:51]araszek: I'm happy if I can do up to 10 puzzles a day
[14:52]BethanyGrace: @thekingofham I get the feeling you have a "different" method of playing chess
[14:52]BethanyGrace: but you do well
[14:52]thekingofham: I don t do tactical puzzles.
[14:52]BethanyGrace: 10 puzzles is good araszek
[14:52]BethanyGrace: I almost never get that many in in a day
[14:52]brainp: I do 5
[14:53]thekingofham: I don t do well enough, Bethany.
[14:53]BethanyGrace: that's good to Brian
[14:53]araszek: I also don't - so I'm happy if I can
[14:53]thekingofham: I won t be satisfied until I get a 1800 standard rating.
[14:53]BethanyGrace: ah, I just noticed Tharderer passed 1800 a few days that's one more past the mark
[14:53]thekingofham: Well, tell him I said congratulations.
[14:54]brainp: it's easy to get that level, the hardest part is to keep it
[14:54]BethanyGrace: you might be right Brian...I was 1800 a few years ago
[14:54]BethanyGrace: but stopped concentrating as much and my rating really fell
[14:54]thekingofham: You were?!
[14:54]brainp: I was a few weeks ago
[14:54]BethanyGrace: yeah, check my best in standard Ham
[14:54]BethanyGrace: @ brainp
[14:54]Gorgonian: bethany is a tough player
[14:55]BethanyGrace: thanks, I wish I were tougher
[14:55]Gorgonian: pay no attention to her rating
[14:55]brainp: she is, she beat me badly this morning
[14:55]thekingofham: Uh-oh...
[14:55]thekingofham: I don t want to play Bethany, if I lose, I m gonna get mad at her
[14:55]araszek: @thekingofham You like Petrosjan - maybe you playing positional chess rather where tactics is not so important
[14:55]thekingofham: If I win, I m just gonna seem like an egotistical douche.
[14:56]brainp: then don't play her at all
[14:56]brainp: @ham
[14:56]Gorgonian: bethany is one of the nicest people on this whole server.  the exact type of person i would chose to play over every other type of person.
[14:56]BethanyGrace: @kingofham maybe play 2 games win one...that way you will feel fine
[14:56]thekingofham: Yeah, that seems like a no-win situation.
[14:56]BethanyGrace: @Gorgo thanks
[14:56]BethanyGrace: I appreciate how you are always so helpful to everyone on the server
[14:56]thekingofham: So Bethany wouldn t hold a grudge for losing to me?
[14:57]BethanyGrace: nahh
[14:57]BethanyGrace: I'll just want a revenge match
[14:57]thekingofham: Arazesk, my job is to prevent those cheap tactics with prophalxtic chess(I can t spell.).
[14:58]thekingofham: Unfortunately it s a catch-22.
[14:58]thekingofham: The best way to beat Tal-wannbes is in the endgame, but I hate endgames.
[14:58]thekingofham: I need more confidence there...
[14:58]BethanyGrace: so maybe endgame studies would not be so bad?
[14:59]thekingofham: I m still blundering too much.
[14:59]thekingofham: Tactics are more important, as much as I hate them.
[14:59]BethanyGrace: oh wow, really nice chatting with you all and thanks for attending the meeting.  I have to get to work for a couple hours.
[14:59]thekingofham: Sorry Bethany, did I derail the meeting?
[14:59]thekingofham: I talk a lot.
[14:59]BethanyGrace: not at all, it was great to have you
[15:00]thekingofham: Oh okay, awesome.
[15:00]BethanyGrace: and we appreciate your imput
[15:00]thekingofham: Thank you.
[15:00]BethanyGrace: Take care and God bless you all! Let's finish this season strong!
[15:00]brainp: thanks Bethany for being a good capt
[15:01]BethanyGrace: thanks to all of you for being great teammates!

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