Thursday, October 10, 2013

T55 Champions

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TheRejoicingTacticians are champions of the Kasparov Section. 
 Congratulations to 
lingzhi, Misteraw, Harmonicus, Chessjav, and CNoble!  

TheRejoicingCowboys (Misteraw, Valiantangel, thekingofham, IronRanger, and timisrejoicing) and TheRejoicingTeam_RedoubtableMachinations (Tharderer, dstrout, BethanyGrace, kballoloco, and Sthithapragyan) were runner-ups in their sections.

Top scores for individual players go to:
 Sthithapragyan with 6/6 or 100%-- 1st place
Chessjav with 7/8 or 87.5%-- 2nd place
thekingofham with 5/6 or 83.3%-- 3rd place
Honorable mentions for players with 70% or more go to:
 Valiantangel, CharityJoy, Misteraw, Knoecken and Kballoloco

Thank you to the 32 teammates who joined us in T55!  Let's continue to even greater success in T56!  Good chess!

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