Wednesday, March 20, 2013

T53 Concludes; Looking forward to T54!

T53 concluded with a near miss for TheRejoicingTeam_KingsHighway.

Thanks to Tharderer's (of TheRejoicingTeam_HoldtheFort) 7th round win against a competitor for the playoffs and a nearly miraculous comeback in CNoble's game, King'sHighway made it to the playoffs to face Mysterious_Pawn_Moves.

Tharderer's game is below

The playoffs started well for us with timisrejoicing upsetting his opponent:

My game against PankracyRozumek was next.  I lost very painfully (so painfully that I hope the reader will forgive me for not posting the game here), and the result of the match was left to RoyRogersC and CactusJr.

 After a 120 move struggle, Roy won.

Cactus' game was a very nerve-wrecking game for all observers.  CactusJr fought well, but on the 110th move, mysticeye (the opponent) managed to conclude a bishop+knight checkmate which epically ended our chances of a championship this Team League.  Congratulations to Mysterious Moves.

Accolades are due to the following Rejoicing team members as most valuable players this season:
  • Tharderer   with 6 points out of 7 or 86%.  Congratulations Tim!  
  • Misteraw  with 6.5 points out of 8 or 81%.  Misteraw lost no games (He drew 3).  He was also in the top 2 most valuable players last season with a 71% average.  Congratulations Misteraw!
  • Capris with 3.5 points out of 5 or 70%
  • RoyRogersC with 5.5 points out of 8 or 69%

Tribute also is due to Deputy Captain CharityJoy who as an alternate player finished with 100%-- 1 win out of 1 game.  

One of Misteraw's fine games is below:

Keep up the great work, Rejoicers!

Welcome to our new teammates of T53: Dstrout, Hapero, Knoecken, and SeppK!  You all proved yourselves assets to the team, and we hope you will consider staying with the Rejoicing Team for upcoming tournaments.

One of my favorites of Knoecken's games:

A very nice victory by HaPeRo:
T54's tentative start date is April 23rd, and we are hoping to increase from our total of 4 teams this season (Rejoicing_to_Victory, TheRejoicingCheckmateTeam, TheRejoicingTeam_HoldtheFort, and TheRejoicingTeam_KingsHighway) to 5 or 6 teams, including a team in the lowest section to give our lower-rated teammates more chances to play (hopefully all or most rounds).  (In T53 the 1400ers of the team helped as alternates on the higher-rated teams and only played at most 3 games each.)  We are also looking to have a Spassky level team (rating average about 2000) in additional to our usual rating-level teams.  

I'd appreciate if players would message me with suggestions for team names (incorporating "Rejoicing") for the upcoming season.

Thanks to all for playing with TheRejoicingTeam!