Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TheRejoicingChessmen Take Gold

Congratulations to TheRejoicingChessmen, CNoble, Kballoloco,CactusJr, Krimi, and LordTyraad on a job well done!

 TheRejoicingChessmen are champions of the Steinitz section with 5 Match points and 16 game points! Great job, guys!

 Now for overall player performances:
 100% or 3/3 Professorzz
 83% or 5/6 Breloczek, Capris, and Timisrejoicing
 75% or 4.5/6 Gorgonian and Introspection
 71% or 5/7 Kballoloco
 70% or 3.5/5 Krimi
 64% or 4.5/7 CNoble
 58% or 3.5/6 Tharderer and BethanyGrace
 50% or 3/6 CharityJoy
 33% or 2/6 RoyRogersC and Silencehunter
 29% or 2/7 CactusJr
 20% or 1/5 LordTyraad
 17% or 1/6 Bowserjrzhu

 Congrats to our top performing players, and I hope everyone will stay with TheRejoicingTeam for T52. TheRejoicingChessmen have showed us the way to gold; in T52 I hope to see more of our teams follow suite and all of our players increase their performance ratings.

 Best wishes and Good chess!


CNoble said...

Way to go team!!!

bowserjrzhu said...

Great job!!!
That was a pretty good tournament