Monday, June 24, 2013

T54 Honor Roll

Here's the Honor Roll for best scoring players in T54:

By # of points (wins and draws): 5 points each by: 
bowserjrzhu, jaszczur, mariansabau, and dstrout

By percentage:
  1. 100% or 3/3 by batmanzerothree
  2. 87.5% or 3.5/4 by chessjav
  3. 83.3% or 5/6 by mariansabau
  4. 75% or 3/4 by HaPeRo
Congratulations to all of the above!

TheRejoicingMathematicians, TheRejoicingTacticians, TheRejoicingTeam_RedoubtableMachinations, and TheRejoicingEagles each finished 3rd in their sections.  TheRejoicingKnights and TheRejoicingSaints finished 4th and 5th respectively in the Lasker section.  All were so close to making it to the playoffs, but missed by a hair.    

Good chess to all competing in the Rejoicing Swiss and thanks to all who joined the Rejoicing Team for T54!

"Chess helps you to concentrate, improve your logic. It teaches you to play by the rules and take responsibility for your actions, how to problem solve in an uncertain environment." --Gary Kasparov

Monday, June 3, 2013

Team Meeting 6/3/2013

Our first team meeting, Sunday, June 2, 2013  was suggested by LordTyraad.  The meeting was called together at 1700 server time in channel 119 and attended by 13 players: batmanzerothree, BethanyGrace, brainp, CDay, Dstrout, Gorgonian, Introspection, jaszczur, kballoloco, Misteraw, silencehunter, timisrejoicing, and Valiantangel.

Playoff chances were discussed.  Several teams had a chance in making it to the playoffs if they played very well and other teams played badly, but no team had clear running to the playoffs.

Game preparation was the next topic.  Various players discussed their preparation strategies.  BethanyGrace suggested that preparation forums be opened for each game forum for the 7th round for players to post tips, offers to help with preparation and encouragement for their teammates.  Gorgonian and batmanzerothree said they would be happy to help (respectively) with preparation and practice games and other teammates gave pointers on the spot.  Preparation forums will be opened for the 7th round and players are encouraged to post there.

Brainp mentioned that we teammates should practice against each other more.  Introspection agreed and suggested we have intra-team tournaments between Team League seasons.  BethanyGrace thought it sounded fun and asked if anyone knew how to do Swiss Pairings.  Misteraw and kballoloco both said they have Swiss Pairings software and would be willing to do the pairings.  Team League time controls (45 45) were decided on, and  it was also determined that the tournament would be rated and have the same rules as Team League.  The start date was set for June 18th (as soon as the playoffs end).  CDay, batmanzerothree, silencehunter, and jaszczur all expressed interest in the tournament.  Sign-up is now open until Saturday the 15th at .

The meeting concluded at about 1800 with a resolution to meet again Sunday the 9th at 1700 in channel 119.