Tuesday, June 17, 2014

T58 Champions!

Congratulations to:
TheRejoicingTeam_RedoubtableMachinations for finishing 1st in the Lasker Section!
giswinger, BethanyGrace, dstrout, AllenCox, chiassedo, batmanzerothree

TheRejoicingTeam_ScintillatingStalwarts for finishing 1st in the Polgar Section!
RoyRogersC, CactusJr, CharityJoy, LordTyraad, batmanzerothree

TheRejoicingTeam_AudaciouslySesquipedalian for finishing 2nd in the Alekhine Section!
readsal, JoshPruett, TheNorthernPike, rsekhar, blkmagic, BethanyGrace

TheRejoicingTeam_PerspicaciousStratagems for finishing 2nd in the Lasker Section!
araszek, kballoloco, kocur, lutom, matin, (clathro)

This is the best finish to a season that the Rejoicing Team has ever had!  Great job teammates!  I'd like to thank CharityJoy, CactusJr, araszek, dstrout, and IMOEC for serving as deputy captains.  Looking forward to next season!  Good chess and may God bless you!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

T56 Champions

Congratulations to

For first place in the Polgar section in T56

All the best to our teams currently competing in T57: TheRejoicingTeam_PerspicaciousStratagems, TheRejoicingTeam_AssiduousLucubrations, TheRejoicingTeam_IndefatigableImpetus, TheRejoicingTeam_MachinatingMartinets, and TheRejoicingTeam_ScintillatingStalwarts!